Experience and Records - Clients/Projects
1 Aker solution Husky Energy/90000 Husky Whiterose EPC
2 AMEC Kearl Oil Sands Project
3 Bechtel AGDII project
4 Bechtel Al Khalij Project
5 Bechtel Angola LNG Project
6 Bechtel Australia Goro Nickel Project
7 Bechtel Borger Project/ConocoPhillips
8 Bechtel BP WND EPCC OFFSHORE Project
9 Bechtel BP WND EPPC Offshore
10 Bechtel Comalco-Australia NEWEIPA (Ship-Loader) Project
11 Bechtel Corpus Christi Liquefaction EPC - Stage 1 Project
12 Bechtel Darwin LNG Project
13 Bechtel Edwardsport IGCC Project
14 Bechtel Egyptian LNG Train I, II
15 Bechtel Elm Road Generating station Supercritical, LLC
16 Bechtel Exxonmobil Enabling Agreement - Beaumont Scanfining Project
17 Bechtel Hanford WTP Project, USA
18 Bechtel Hyperzone LB1
19 Bechtel Jamnagar OGD III project, India
20 Bechtel Jamnagar/Reliance Export Refinery Project
21 Bechtel Motiva (SHELL/ARAMCO) project
22 Bechtel Pennsylvania Chemicals
23 Bechtel Prairie State Energy Campus
24 Bechtel Sakhalin Project
25 Bechtel Texas Utilities/ TXU Standard Plant
26 Bechtel Trimble County Project
27 Bechtel TSA-Cricket Valley Energy Center, LLC
28 Bechtel Watts Bar Unit 2 Construction Completion project
29 Bechtel Wheatstone Project LNG Plant
30 Bechtel Wood River project
31 Bechtel Worsley Efficiency & Growth Project
32 Bechtel Yarwun Project at Energyen
33 Canadian natural / 460336 / Horizon 2
34 CH2MHILL Ichthys Onshore LNG Facilities CCPP
35 China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau GAS Pipeline for GMP NEW 12 SPP PRJECT
36 CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
37 EXXON-MOBIL JAZAN Refinery and terminal Project
38 Hanwha Engineering Aegean Refinery (ARP)
39 HARKAND ISS/18 Man Twin Bell System-Harkand/Vard-SN 6908
40 Hyundai Heavy Industries MARJAN GPP#3 & #4 Module project
41 Hyundai Heavy Industries TEXCO Harvest Module Project
42 Hyundai Heavy Industries ZULF Module project
43 INPEX / Ichyhys Gad Field Development Project
44 JACOBS Morocco Jorf Lasfar Fetilizer Team
45 KOC Construction of flow lines & associated works in West Kuwait Area
46 LG Engineering & Construction QATAR NPDOCO Refinery Project
47 LIWA Plastics Industries Complex
48 National Petroleum Construction Co. (NPCC) ADMA-OPCO Zakum Oil Lines Replacement Project (Phase #1)
49 National Petroleum Construction Co. (NPCC) NASR Full Field Development Project
50 Power Plant - Bechtel Franklin Project(HRSG/HP.IP.LP Steam Drum at BHI
51 Power Plant - Bechtel South Filed Energy Project(HP/IP/LP Steam Drum at GE/ULP)
52 Power Plant - CLP Holding Limited Black Point Project (HRSG at S&T Corp.)
53 Power Plnat - Doosan Gangneung thermal (Boiler at Doosan)
54 PT Petrokimia Gresik Ammonia-Urea II Project
55 PX project for Yukong
56 QATAR NGL-4 Project
57 Samsung C&T AI Houl Power IWPP Project
58 Samsung C&T Algeria Mega Deal CCPP Project
59 Samsung C&T Algeria Mostaghanem CCPP Project
60 Samsung C&T Algeria Naama CCPP Project
61 Samsung C&T Kirikkale Independent Power Project(KIPP)
62 Samsung C&T Morocco ODI Project
63 Samsung C&T RGT-2 Terminal Project
64 Samsung C&T SLNG Ph.3 Project
65 Samsung C&T Um Al Houl Power IWPP Project
66 SAUDI ARMCO Diamond Great White
68 SEPCO Master Gas System Expansion-Phase 1
69 SIEMENS Ghana OCPT Development
70 SK Engineering & Construction - FORTHILLS - Suncor Energy
71 SKEC TAC Malaysia Project
72 Technip Hejre Development Project
74 Thi Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering & Construction Corp., Ltd. Nong Yao Filed Development (TOPSIDE 5D BEND)
75 TPX Revamp project
76 Worlay Parsons SAKHALIN-1 Project